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How to Add Cruise Control to the 2022 Ford Maverick

Note: The cruise control systems listed below are designed for use with both the 2.0L EcoBoost engine and 2.5L hybrid powertrain.

The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick provides unparalleled utility in a small form factor truck that can meet the needs of almost everyone with a cost at, or near, $20,000. The XL model of this truck, though, ships without cruise control functionality. If you've decided that the XL trim level is the one for you and you don't want to invest the nearly $2,000-$4,000 premium for the XLT or Lariat model, then look no further than Rostra part numbers 250-9661 anf 250-9661-NS for adding cruise control features to your new Maverick.

Product Features

* 250-9661-NS only.

Product Photos


Traditional cruise control functionality.

This image shows the components of the Rostra 250-9661 Cruise Control System for the 2022 Ford Maverick

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Cruise control functionality with speed-limiting and memory.

This image shows the components of the Rostra 250-9661 Cruise Control System for the 2022 Ford Maverick

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Product Installation Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to install a Rostra cruise control system on a 2022 Ford Maverick XL?

A: Experienced 12-volt installers can normally install a Rostra cruise control system on a vehicle in 2 - 3 hours followed by a road test to check functionality. If you have questions about the installation of this product on a Ford Maverick, please click here to download the installation instructions, view the complete installation video above, or use the contact form below to email us directly.

Q: What is the difference between cruise control system part number 250-9661 and 250-9661-NS?

A: Rostra's add-on cruise control part number 250-9661 allows an installer to add classic cruise control functionality to a 2022 Ford Maverick XL and includes the ability to quickly set and hold a highway driving speed, increase or decrease the vehicle's set speed by 1 MPH using the SET/COAST and RES/ACC buttons on the included control switch, and resume a previously-set driving speed after the cruise control has been cancelled. Rostra's 250-9661-NS system allows for the same functionality with the addition of being able to voluntarily limit the speed of the vehicle and store long-term speed settings in two memory locations accessible from the control switch.

Q: How does the speed-limiter setting work with the 250-9661-NS cruise control system?

A: The 250-9661-NS cruise control system allows a driver to voluntarily set a maximum driving speed using the "LIMITER" button on the control switch. To set a speed limit, the driver must first power on the system using the "ON-OFF" button and then accelerate to the maximum speed they want the truck to travel. Once traveling at the desired maximum speed, the driver simply needs to press the "LIMITER" button. The built-in LED on the included control switch will illuminate red letting them know a maximum speed is set. At this point, while the vehicle is in motion, input from the accelerator pedal by the driver is ignored once the maximum set speed has been reached. The speed-limiter can be disengaged at any point while in use and its setting is removed from the system's memory altogether when the system is powered off. Download the owner's guide included with the control switch of the 250-9661-NS system by clicking here.

Q: What is the purpose of the "MEM-1" and "MEM-2" buttons on the control switch of the 250-9661-NS system?

A: The 250-9661-NS system allows drivers to store preferred cruise control speed settings within the control module's long-term memory that can be easily accessed by pressing either the "MEM-1" or "MEM-2" buttons. An example of why this feature is useful would be a driver that navigates the same highway each day where the speed increases and decreases at regular intervals from 70 MPH to 55 MPH. The driver could store a setting of 70 MPH in the "MEM-1" location and 55 MPH in the "MEM-2" location. When they reach the area of the highway with the 70 MPH speed limit, they can simply press the "MEM-1" button and the vehicle will gently accelerate to 70 MPH and hold that speed. When they reach the section of the highway where the speed decreases to 55 MPH, they can press the "MEM-2" button letting the vehicle coast down to 55 MPH after which the cruise control system will hold that speed. At the press of the "MEM-1" button, the vehicle will once again accelerate to 70 MPH and the cruise control system will once again hold that speed. The memory settings can be reset at any point. Download the owner's guide included with the control switch of the 250-9661-NS system by clicking here.

Q: Does an add-on cruise control system, or any aftermarket accessory, immediately void my vehicle's warranty?

A: As a vehicle owner, you are allowed to install third-party products on your vehicle and remain in compliance with your OEM warranty. Consumers in the United States have protection against a warranty being invalidated due to an add-on accessory through the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

Q: Does Rostra offer other add-on accessories for the Ford Maverick?

A: Rostra offers a wide range of products that allow you to easily add features that may be missing from your Maverick including rear-facing parking sensors, forward-facing parking sensors, replacement rearview mirrors with built-in LCD screens for adding up to three other cameras to the truck, seat heaters, lumbar support systems, universal LED lighting products through our Auer Automotive division, and more. We invite you to use the Accessories tab at the top of this page to view all of our products and feel free to reach out directly if you need assistance by contacting us at this link.

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For the best in driving experience, choose a cruise control system from Rostra, the leader in 12-volt Accessories technology.

Please note, add-on cruise control for 2022 Ford Maverick applications are only sold through authorized distributors. Please contact Rostra to locate a distributor in your area for your Maverick cruise control needs.

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