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Extending Benefits of H.E.L.P®
to Commercial Delivery Vehicles

H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE’s™ digital and lighting alerts help prevent crashes by warning oncoming motorists of dangers on the road ahead.

A Dangerous, High-Cost Business

Accident Frequency and Insurance Claim Severity on the Rise

Commercial trucking represented 71% of tonnage carried by all modes of U.S. domestic freight transportation in 2017. With more trucks on the road, there were also more accidents, including a rise in fatalities.

According to the American Trucking Association:

Beyond the Tragic Human Toll, These Crashes Come with Extensive Financial Impact:

Stationary Commercial Vehicles are Highly Vulnerable and Present Crash Risks

Crashes into stationary, highly vulnerable large commercial trucks and other delivery vehicles on or along the roadway lead to thousands of preventable tragedies nationwide each year.

Nearly 25% of two-vehicle crashes involving large trucks occur when another vehicle hits them from the rear.

An image showing a roadside vehicle accident where a small passenger car has driven into the rear end of a heavy freight tanker truck. Around the passenger car are firefighters working to extinguish the flames from the front of the vehicle with a fire hose.

H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE™ Dramatically Increases Visibility of Stationary and Disabled Commercial Vehicles

VOXX H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE’s™ digital alerts and emergency lighting warn oncoming motorists much earlier of dangers on the road ahead by offering:

An image of multiple vehicles travelling down a highway. The focus of the image is on a larger tanker truck with rolling hills and a clear blue sky in the background.

Intelligent DeliverSAFE™ Emergency Mode


  • 4.0-5.0 Hz Emergency Flash Rate on existing lights
  • Red or Amber LED
  • Optimized via Human Factors Science


  • Advanced Warnings to Oncoming Motorists
  • Platform and Hardware Agnostic
An image showing the dashboard of a heavy freight truck. In the image are multiple control switches to power on and off features of the truck. On the dashboard there is also a red button with the text H.E.L.P. to activate the VOXX HELP system upgraded flashers and commercial vehicle-to-vehicle communication system.

Three Deployment Methods

An image of the screen in the dashboard of a car alerting the driver that the VOXX HELP system has been activated and the emergency lighting is powered on to warn other drivers of a stationay vehicle.


When a driver is shouldered or disabled along the roadway, one push of the H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE™ button:


DeliverSAFE™ can also be deployed semi-automatically when switched on:


VOXX is working with truck OEMs to incorporate H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE™ into new-build trucks to deploy automatically upon:

H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE™ Use Case Examples


Shouldered or disabled on side of the road

  • Resting due to hours limits or off loading cargo
  • Vulnerable along roadways due to mechanical problems
  • Involved in an initial collision and stationary while awaiting first responders
An image of a large freight truck parked alongside a roadway. The hood of the truck is open and ready to be inspected by a technician. The truck is red and pulling a silver trailer. In the backgroundd, cards blur as motorists drive by at a rapid pace.


Parked or stopped on roadways

  • Urban - Frequent stops in urban settings to make deliveries
  • Residential - Frequent stops in suburban setting and residential streets
  • Rural - Frequently off loading packages at destination along high speed roadways
An image of a white panel van parked alongside a roadway. The rear doors of the van are open with multiple cardboard boxes stacked inside indicating that it is a delivery van.


  • Highly effective conspicuous lighting grabs attention of oncoming drivers to protect municipal staff members while on the job
  • Advanced digital cues to alert oncoming motorists beyond line-of-sight
An image of a large white work truck with a gray aftermarket service body installed. The truck is outfitted with multiple strobe lamps on the exterior.

Safety for the Connected Commercial Vehicle

When H.E.L.P. DeliverSAFE’s Emergency Mode is activated, alerts and notifications are automatically communicated to oncoming drivers through connections with traffic data and OEM cloud providers. In certain events, such as an airbag deployment, emergency responder channels are also notified with the information they need to respond efficiently.

An image showing a map of the vehicle-to-vehicle communication chain via Safety Cloud. The image has arrows showing that alerts from a commercial vehicle are sent to a cloud communication platform and can then be distributed to cloud networks maintained by OE manufacturers or to navigation applications on a driver's mobile device.

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