How to Relocate or Add a Backup Camera to your RAM Cab & Chassis Truck

Adding aftermarket equipment to the rear of your RAM Cab & Chassis Truck, whether it's a camper shell, fifth-wheel towing apparatus, or a service body in place of a truck bed, often limits options for backup camera compliance because the backup camera that was delivered with the truck cannot be modified to match the installed equipment, or the truck was delivered from the manufacturer without a backup camera at all . Rostra Accessories offers a complete line of interface harnesses and aftermarket cameras for RAM Cab and Chassis trucks that plug directly into the connector on the underside of the truck near the rear bumper which allows you to keep, or add, this important safety feature while often using a camera that's superior in functionality to the OE device anyway.

Please note that the cameras listed below are for analog backup camera systems only. For vehicles equipped with or needing LVDS cameras, including the RAM 360-degree surround-view camera system, click here.

If you have any questions about using a backup camera relocation system with your RAM Truck Cab & Chassis, or want to share details of the equipment that you're adding to the back of the truck, please click here to email us.

Tailgate Camera Relocation Systems for Cab & Chassis RAM Trucks

* For use with classic body style vehicle only for 2019 year-model trucks.

Cab and Chassis RAM Truck Backup Camera Relocation Interface Harness with OE-Style 4-Pin Connector

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Rostra 250-8148 camera included with kit number 250-8654-3BL
Rostra 250-8156 camera included with kit number 250-8654-R3BL
Rostra 250-8199HD camera included with kit number 250-8654-LPB
Rostra 250-8183HD camera included with kit number 250-8654-B
Rostra 250-8184HD camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ
Rostra 250-8149 camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ
Rostra 250-8150 camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ
Rostra 250-8098 camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ
Rostra 250-8199-TABHD camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ
Rostra 250-8147-HD camera included with kit number 250-8654-BMHQ

  • Harness Specifications
  • Displays camera on OE screen.
  • 5-meter (14.5-foot) length.
  • Plug-and-play vehicle-side connector.
  • Convoluted tubing protective jacket.
  • Requires no splicing into factory wiring.
  • 4-Pin thread-together camera connector.
  • Includes dielectric grease.

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