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Heavy-Duty Multi-Input LCD Monitors

Rostra standalone LCD monitors offer best-in-class capabilities that help keep your fleet's vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians/customer property safe from damage through increased visibility around the vehicle's exterior. All Rostra LCD monitors can be paired with a wide variety of our heavy-duty CMOS and CCD color cameras with options for in-cab audio and infrared night vision, and can further be paired with devices like our remote mount digital video recording system (DVR) which can capture both video and audio from these cameras for long-term storage on an SD card or external hard drive.

  • Available in 7" and 9" screen sizes.
  • Up to four camera inputs.
  • Split screen capability.
  • Trigger wires for individual cameras.
  • Turn signal activation capable.
  • Auto-dimming with low-light sensor.
  • Pedestal stand or windshield mounts.
  • Multi-language on-screen display.

Rostra Standalone LCD Monitor Options

250-8290 9” Quad Input Monitor with Surface-Mount Stand (click here to learn more)

250-8220 7” Dual Input Monitor with Surface-Mount Pedestal (click here to learn more)

250-8221 7” Dual Input Monitor with Windshield Lug Stem Mount (click here to learn more)

250-8222 7” Quad Input Monitor with Surface-Mount Pedestal (click here to learn more)

250-8223 7” Quad Input Monitor with Windshield Lug Stem Mount (click here to learn more)

For the best in driving experience, choose heavy-duty vehicle cameras from Rostra, the leader in 12-volt Accessories technology.

Please note, programmable cameras for heavy and light-duty trucks and fleet applications are only sold through authorized distributors. Please contact Rostra to locate a distributor in your area for your backup or blindspot camera needs.

Download a copy of Rostra's 3 Year/36,000 Mile warranty registration card by clicking here.

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Rostra is a leading manufacturer of automotive comfort, safety, and convenience accessories including electronic cruise control systems, vehicle speed limiters, backup camera relocation kits, LED lighting, exterior vehicle camera systems, automotive lumbar supports and seat heaters, driver alert systems, and more.

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