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Student Detection System School Bus Motion Sensor Technology

Using an array of durable sensors mounted along the undercarriage of a bus, the Rostra Student Detection System (SDS) audibly and visually alerts drivers to the presence of objects in their blind spots.

Product Features

How Does It Work?

  1. The SDS display unit is initialized when the ignition is on.
  2. The SDS zones are activated when the bus flashers are on and the front gate is extended. The green LED on the SDS display unit will be on.
  3. When an object is detected in any of the zones, the green LED shuts off, and the red LED flashes simultaneously with an audible alarm.
  4. The system will automatically clear in 4 seconds if no intrusions are detected. The LED will go from red to green.
  5. Has microwave radar technology that works in all weather conditions.

Student Detection System Product Functionality

Hover your mouse over each detection zone for a description of how the system reacts.

Rostra SDS Zone 4 Rostra SDS Zone 3 Rostra SDS Zone 5 Rostra SDS Zone 2 Rostra SDS Zone 1

* Customized SDS technology also available for Transit Bus applications

SDS Microwave Sensor

Through the use of reflected radar waves generated by the SDS under-bus sensors, the system immediately detects children if they enter specified danger zones in the front, rear or sides of the bus as they board and exit. The sensors communicate the intrusion to the audio/visual display alerting the bus driver to the presence of a child.

SDS Audio-Visual Display

The display included with the SDS school bus motion sensory system provides bus drivers with a visual representation of the area surrounding their bus alerting them to children nearby.

The on-screen display provides real-time information to the bus driver about the danger zones surrounding the bus. When no intrusion is detected, the image of the bus on the included LCD screen lets the driver know that the area is clear through the use of a green icon. If a child or other object is detected within the danger zone, the icon flashes red while sounding an alarm informing the driver not to move the bus until the zone has been cleared.

Rostra's SDS Featured On ABC7 Eyewitness News

The Rostra Student Detection System was recently featured on ABC7 Eyewitness News leading up to the vote by New Jersey lawmakers to implement "Abigail's Law", requiring all new buses to be equipped with motion-activated sensors.

An image showing two men standing beside a bus talking. The image is from an original report aired by ABC 7 regarding the Rostra Student Detection System.

Schedule An On-Site Demonstration

The Student Detection System is a life-saving technology. We are confident that the bus drivers and parents in your school district will see the benefit in this system after a hands-on demonstration which we would be happy to provide. Please enter your contact information below and we will be in touch soon!

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