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Rostra Troubleshooting Tips: 250-9001 Cruise Control Switch Kit

  1. Check all of the insertions made at the vehicle's computer and behind the air bag on the steering wheel.
  2. Check the continuity from behind the air bag to the ECM.
  3. If there is no continuity, look under the steering column at the back of the clock spring (far right connector) to see if there are wires in positions 4, 5 and 6. These wires should be the same color as the fender-well connector shown in the instructions. If wires are present, check continuity from behind the air bag to the clock spring connector. If continuity is good, use the extra harness included in the kit to run from the clock spring connector to the ECM. If wires are not present, using the same harness, insert pins and then run the harness to the ECM. Make sure to match up colors from Form #5071.
  4. Check the voltages at the ECM on the pink wire inserted at position 26. It should have 5-volts.
  5. The violet wires at position 27 should have 5-volts.
  6. The yellow wire inserted at position 13 should have a ground resistance no higher than 3 ohms.
  7. Check the control switch by unplugging it from behind the steering wheel and checking resistance across all of the wires.
  8. Pink to purple will show 40K ohms

    Yellow to purple will show 20K ohms.

    Yellow to pink will show 20K ohms.

  9. If there are any resistances not shown, replace the cruise control switch.

Revised 06/02/2008

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